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FROM A DESERT THAT was only inhabited by the proud Bedouin, Dubai is now quickly turned into a metropolis. With its many skyscrapers, the city also dubbed as Vertical City, is an architect dream. Not just a dream, those who has ever stepped foot in the city knows that Dubai, the former sprawling humble desert is more than just a concrete jungle.

This fast-growing city in UAE has become one of the best vacation destinations for holidays goers around the world. With mind-blowing theme parks, world-class shopping, exquisite dining and exciting entertainment and mysterious deserts thrown together, Dubai has become an ideal vacation destination for families.

First aimed to attract the Western tourists, Dubai has also attracted tourists from South East Asia especially from the Singapore and Malaysia. Winter is the best time to visit this city as the average high would be around of 26 °C and overnight lows of 17 °C.

So, what activities should you do in Dubai?

Theme Parks

At Dubai Parks and Resorts, you can pick and choose more than 100 incredible indoor and outdoor rides at it’s three theme parks. There are MOTIONGATE™Dubai, Bollywood Parks™Dubai, Legoland® Dubai and Legoland® Waterpark.

For some splash fun, head to Aquaventure Waterpark, the home to a record-breaking ride. While the kids are having fun playing on rides, hand-feed Cownose stingrays, play with dolphins or even dare to swim with sharks, the older ones with extra adrenalin to pump, can try the region’s longest zipline.

With these theme parks, you surely would have lots of fun with your children. Once you have tune down their energy at these theme parks, why don’t bring the children to IMG Worlds of Adventure where it allows children and adults alike to re-live their favourite animation.

It is the biggest indoor theme park with four exciting zones: Cartoon Network, MARVEL, IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley-Dinosaurs Adventure.

Glamping in the desert and enjoy the wildlife

This is not just an ordinary glamping in the desert. Glamping itself is a luxury but what made this special, visitors will also enjoy a host of Emirati activities.

One of the recommended glamping resorts is the one organised by the Platinum Heritage and Arabian Adventures. Not just one can enjoy Dubai’s beautiful nature, visitors will also immerse themselves in the people’s culture, enjoy the music and traditional dances and of course meet and make new friends.

Take a lazy ride on a camel or bash the dunes in the 4X4. Take a hot air balloon to enjoy the desert landscape from above or try sand surfing from dune to dune on a wakeboard.

Not many know that Dubai is also home to the city’s most exotic wildlife. Dubai Safari Park showcases many animal species worldwide. The park is divided into three sections, Asian Village, African Village and Open Safari Village.

There are 2,500 animals from over 250 different species from around the world such as oryx, gazelle and Gordon’s wildcat. Filled with flora, fauna, animals and reptiles this bio-dome takes visitors through four storeys of immersive discovery.

Some of the other attractions that visitors can look forward across a designated site of 60 hectares are an amateur golf course, a botanical garden and a butterfly garden, in addition to restaurants and a food court. The entire park is designed using the best practices found in leading zoos and sanctuaries across the world, altered to the context of Dubai’s climatic conditions.


Dubai is also famous for its beaches. Head to La Meris, the city’s latest beachfront district and a must-see spot. Enjoy the views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf during sunset.

For a picture-perfect shot of the iconic Burj Al Arab, head to the Sunset Beach, where the view of the world’s luxurious hotel is a favourite for photos and wefies.

Other beautiful beach that are great for families: the beach at JBR, a chill place to rent sunbeds, daybed or cabanas and enjoy a camel ride; Black Palace Beach, is nicknamed because the location near to several of Royal palaces; Al Mamzar Beach Park, an oasis of fun with landscaped playground and open barbecue areas; and Kite Beach, named after the many kite surfers that have made this stretch of sand their own.

So, what are you waiting for? Just check with your travel agents and book a holiday to Dubai. If you one of those people who prefer to do your own travel itinerary, maybe you can use the Dubai App for your convenient. Plus, Emirates is also the best airline choice for the trip.

Whichever your preference, you should consider Dubai as your next holiday destination. Happy traveling.

Courtesy of Dubai Tourism

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