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TODAY IS THE POLLING DAY. The day every Malaysian would cast their vote ‘to choose’ the next government to manage our country. The 14th General Election and this day, I feel there’s a different aura in the air.

Call me idealist or a dreamer. But, I do hope that this year, there will be some changes in how this country is managed. I want cabinet to change. I want kleptocracy government to be removed. I want transparency and most of all I want some check and balance in our government.

This is my third times casting my vote. I am ashamed to admit but I wasn’t interested to vote when I was in my 20’s and I always gave excuse that my nature of work made it difficult for me to leave and cast my vote. Even though I registered and my polling venue is in Lembah Pantai.

Oh yes, I voted once while working with NST, and the second time when I was in Brunei (came home just to vote and had some time off) and this year, 2018 is my third time voting. Still at the same constituency, Lembah Pantai. It used to be one on one battle for Lembah Pantai.

Those who know me understand my political view. I hope my vote did help toppled Shahrizat Jalil and her hoards of cow condos. I hope my vote helped Nurul Izzah took over and secured a seat in Parliament for the PKR and this time I hope Fahmi Fadzil wins (when this article is written at 5PM 09 May 2018) to help bring more positive changes to the residents of this constituency.

We need new generation to lead this country or even in this constituency. Move over Raja Nong Chik, you have been given opportunity to serve the people. It is not about the party anymore, it is about who can do better. Who can work FOR the people, not for themselves to get richer and richer.

Enough of me ranting about the General Election. So here’s my journey to the polling station at Sekolah Menengah kebangsaan Sri Pantai, Kampung Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur.

10.30AM :

Left home. I thought of walking to the LRT station but my laziness kicked in and I made a detour to the parking area. Driving to Bangsar South is still going to be a bad decision so another option is to park at NU Sentral, although I can always park at the office but I anticipated that the traffic would be bad at Bangsar South. From there, I took the LRT and stopped at KLGateway-Universiti station.

I took my time walking from the station to the mall, did some window shopping and continued my journey to the polling station. I am glad I left my car at NU Sentral. The traffic was in grid lock, especially in front of the polling station and I bet along the roads at Pantai Dalam.


I went straight to the SPR tent to check on my name for the last time and to get the SPR number. I was told that I am at Channel 6, which is at the building behind and on top floor.

No sweat. I can find my way at this school. Went to the said building and look up to peek. I didn’t see a door with No 6 posted on it, just No 7. Asked a friendly lady who told me that Saluran 6 (Channel 6) is at the opposite end of Saluran 7.


Went up and see that the queue for Saluran 7 is long and towards the end of the corridor. Inched my way to the side of the corridor and in front of me there were 5 or 6 people waiting. Okay, not as bad as Saluran 7.

My queue consists of both men and women my age and most came solo. But the queue for Saluran 7, I can see a lady brought along her children. She was carrying a crying baby while a toddler was hanging on to her shirt. There was also a lady helping a handicapped woman to vote at Saluran 7.

It’s my turn to vote.

I gave my number, my IC to the staff on duty. Next I was asked to dip my left finger into the indelible ink jar, but I asked whether I can dip my right forefinger instead as I am a lefty.

The SPR officer in charge was adamant that only left forefinger is dipped into the ink regardless the individual is a right-handed or a left-handed.

Not a problem there. I just asked the SPR permission to allow me a little bit of time until the ink is completely dry before I pick up the pen and draw my X. I took all the precautions to ensure that my ballot paper would not be rejected. When I was handed a folded ballot paper, I asked the staff to open it for me and checked whether it is stamped. It is.

11: 49AM:

Yes I took a full minute before I picked up that pen. I really want to make sure that I won’t smear the ballot paper. I want my vote to count. I want to know that I helped my candidate with my vote.

The ballot box was almost full with ballot papers. Voters my age came early to vote. No wonder the queue was short.


Back on LRT train to Nu Sentral. Did some window shopping and my tummy is signaling that it needs to be fed. After an hour walking from one level to another, I decided to have lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters NU SENTRAL.

Okay, I am not a complainer but a former friend told me we deserve a good food and service as we are a paying customer. I could understand the outlet at NU Sentral may be short of staff, but to give you your meal without a proper cutlery is a disgrace.

I was given a plate of quarter chicken (which I have to return as it is not the parts that I requested), with three dishes on it, touching each other. The tomato rice was not even warm, the mac and cheese was WARM and the crispy salad was a bit .. soggy. On top of it all, I was only given a spoon.

A spoon, until I requested for a fork and a knife. Oh yes with a serviette and later repeated I need a paper napkin. Okay, it was my mistake asking for a serviette.

Overall it was a good day. The weather was good and I am happy that I’ve done my part to help shape the next government. I don’t know who will win in this General Election, but I do hope there are positive changes. WE NEED the change.

We need to manage our funds and free ourselves from billions and possibly reaching 1 trillion debts in a few years, only then we can prosper. We have to narrow the widening gap of between the rich and the poor and bring those who put us in this mess to justice. We love our country wherever we are.

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