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Day 2

After a good breakfast. Get ready to explore the historical part of the city on foot. Make sure you are properly attired. Wear sneakers or trainers or comfortable flat shoes as there will be a lot of walking involved for the Heritage Trail activities.

The Heritage Trail is suitable for those who want to have a crash course about Melaka rich and colourful history.

The trail starts near the Melaka Tourism Information Centre at Jalan Banda Kaba. The trail is organised three times a week; every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It starts at 9.30am and visitors are advised to register their names first.

The Dutch Square is a must visit location in the old city. – Photo: Harny Abu Khair

The trail will bring visitors to the Dutch Square and visited the old church while the guide explains the history side and the significance of the square to the people of Melaka.

There are not all Dutch at the Dutch Square. The fountain are built by the British while the clock tower was a gift from a Chinese wealthy businessman to the Malaccans. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

The Dutch Square is a hit among tourists. There is also a Hard Rock Cafe on the opposite side.

From the Dutch Square and red Stadhuys building, visitors will continue to explore the heritage city and go up to to the St Paul Hill, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.

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Coming down from the hill, visitors can continue to visit the Melaka Malay Sultanate Palace or to the A’Famosa fort.

The A’Famosa fort. – Photo: Harny Abu Khair

Maybe all that walking has made you famished?

Head to Khatijah Kitchen restaurant at Jalan Merdeka opposite the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall if you’re looking for some authentic Malay dishes.

Khatijah Kitchen is owned by Dato Khatijah Ibrahim Singer a popular singer and actress who is popular in the late 70s and 80s had a vast experiences in Malay cooking.
She is planning to open more restaurants in Malaysia and maybe venture overseas to London and Paris.

Khatijah’s Kitchen serves authentic Malaysian cuisines and most of the recipes are by the singer herself. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

Khatijah Ibrahim, a popular artis in the late 70’s and 80’s, has opened several branches of Khatijah’s Kitchen in Malaysia. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

Once your belly is full and energy restored, why not continue the trip to a fun and entertaining latest attraction located at Lorong Bukit Cina.

Look for a red building at Lorong Bukit Cina. It is the 5D Art Gallery that sure will tickle your funny sides.The 5D Art gallery is much better than 3D as you have more angle to play with for picture opportunities.

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Located at Lorong Bukit Cina, it is another fun place for the whole family. Parking may be a bit tricky but rest assured, there is an ample space behind the shop lot. There is a small lane right after the famous Capitol Satay (Celup) Restaurant to the parking area.

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There are more than 40 5D optical illusions arts to try to at this two-storey art museum. You need at least two hours to pose and laughing away with family and friends.
There are two types of tickets. Check the signage.

Ticket prices for visitors. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

After all that activities, It is time to get ready for dinner and why not head to Sky Deli Restaurant at The Shore.

Situated at 153meter above ground, it is the highest restaurant in Melaka and offer a vast view of the city and part of the Straits of Malacca.

The restaurant is managed by the Skytower Sdn Bhd and opens from 11.30am to 10.15 Sundays to Thursday and 11.30am to 11.15pm every Fridays and Saturdays.

A beautiful view must not be missed, from Sky Deli Restauran, The Shore. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

A night view from the Sky Deli Restaurant. Photo: Harny Abu Khair

Take the opportunity to enjoy the view from the Sky Tower and enjoy the panoramic view of both the old and new city.

The deck is opened during the day and night. If you want to enjoy the neon lights, and the cool breeze, then go once the sun sets.

Price ticket is RM25 for adults and RM18 for a child between three and 12 years old.

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Not for the faint-hearted. Photo: Google

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