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WANT TO BE pampered like Peranakan princess and princesses at a hotel? But with a budget?

How can that be possible ? Oh yes it can. If you choose to stay at Estadia Hotel in Jalan Merdeka.Nestled behind the grand Hatten Hotel and in close proximity with Mahkota Medical Centre and a row of shoplots, the hotel is like a hidden gem.

Estadia Boutique Hotel is one of many Peranakan-theme hotels in this heritage city, but what makes the hotel stands out, is their attention to details in every aspects not just for esthetical value but most importantly the services rendered.

Melaka is known for her warm hospitality and that is what Hotel Estadia is offering to its guests.

Despite it only started operation about two years ago, the hotel has gained popularity among tourists from our neighbouring countries.Estadia Hotel General Manager Gilbert Webber said it’s strategic location drawn guests to the hotel but the warm hospitality made most of them come back again and again.

“The hotel may be small and our facilities are limited, but we offer the best experiences for ourguests,” he said.

Estadia Hotel is perfect for those looking for characters in their temporary accommodation. Plus, with everything is within reach or just a walking distance away, the hotel is a perfect for weekend getaway.

There are five types of accommodation offered at Estadia Hotel. From twin beds in Deluxe Rooms, the remaining four types are bigger suites suitable for family of four or short vacation with good friends.

The four are Estadia Studio Suite, Estadia Deluxe Suite, Estadia Premiere Suite and Estadia Family Suite. All are complete with a sitting area to entertain or just socialising and gossiping.

With as low as RM188 per night per room guests can either enjoy spending time in bed after a hefty breakfast at the Makan Nyonya Restaurant, or exploring the city on foot, do their shopping or go for makan expedition.

For some shopping is a the must do thing in their itinerary during getaways. As Hatten Shopping Gallery is connected with Estadia Hotel, shopping is a breeze. Just a bridge away is the another shopping mall, the Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade.

For those who wanted to explore the city but with limited time, there is a special tour bus available for guests at both Estadia Hotel and Hatten Hotel. (please check with front office for timetable).

However, all the tourists spots in the heritage city is just a walking distance away. Historical places like the Dutch Square, The Stadhuys, St Francis Xavier Church and the St Paul Church can be visited on foot.

Not far from the historical site and probably to get away from the heat for a while, there are many museums where one can enjoy not only the history of Melaka, but the cool breeze from the air conditions. Among the museums to visit are Proclamation of Independence Museum and Umno Museum.

While you are sight-seeing, you can stop by the many restaurants and cafes as Melaka is an oasis for parched travelers. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars that open until late at night to try when you’re in Melaka.

Estadia Hotel is also the best choice for tourists who are here to seek treatment at Mahkota Medical Centre.

One of the best facilities the hotel is that all floors are easily wheelchair accessible. There are no steps that separate the lobby and its restaurant, Makan Nyonya and no carpet that could cause hazards to senior citizens who have to use walking canes.

The lifts are also disabled friendly and some rooms are have lowered beds while the bathrooms are equipped with disabled and elderly grab rails.

Estadia Hotel

Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

Te l: +606-2279600

Fax: +606-2279611


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