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WHEN YOU ENTER a kopitiam, you expect kopitiam food. Of course, nothing’s wrong with that and nothing is wrong with the modern hipster styled kopitiam such as Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock.

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It’s just that, you expect the taste of food would be on par with its price. But that was not what I experienced after dining at the outlet at Bangsar South, recently.

The new outlet is recently opened at The Sphere @ Bangsar South. For those who work here, they will understand why restaurant serving kopitiam type of food is highly anticipated. Either walk in the sun and go search for cheap less than RM10 local food at the nearby flats (10 minutes walking) or dining in an air conditioning eateries offering Western food with overpriced menus, the kopitiam is another alternative then the Paparich at Nexus.

Expecting the normal kopitiam menu, Ali Muthu & Ah Hock features nine types of traditional Malaysian favourite nasi such as Nasi Lemak Ayam, Nasi Lemak Biasa, Nasi Goreng Ali, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Hainanese Chicken Rice and more.

Those who love noodles can choose from 13 types of dishes including Assam Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun and Mee Goreng Muthu. Meanwhile, there are also other dishes including Sambal Kerang and Sambal Sotong and the of course what is kopitiam without Roti Bakar, Chicken Porridge and Hainan Chicken Chop.

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My colleague and I decided to go for a late lunch there. But, around 2pm, the place is still bustling with customers. My choice for my late lunch menu was Hainanese Chicken Rice and Iced Lemon Tea while my colleague opted for Nyonya Laksa. We make our choices and even put our preferences at the special request column. I chose chicken thigh for my Hainanese Chicken styled rice while my colleague wanted kueteow instead of the normal laksa in his Nyonya Laksa (yes peculiar taste he has).

The Kechiwa (disappointed) starts from here:Despite putting our special request at the “special request”form in the order chit. And explaining them to the waitress that took our order, the cook failed to deliver what was requested. The chicken was the breast part and the Nyonya laksa came with yellow mee. But luckily the waitress replaced the order after we complained.

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The taste oh the taste.

Hainanese Chicken is actually a special steamed chicken. The chicken parts supposed to be so juicy and tender. Some people could not take steamed chicken, but for me it is the best way to enjoy and eat healthily. Unfortunately, the chicken I got was dried and taste awful. It may be old chicken which they reheated.

The rice tasted horrible too. It’s clumpy a bit hard and has no herb taste. Instead of using light soya sauce that is cooked with garlic and ginger, they served a dark and thick soya sauce. The chilli sauce was horrible too. This is not the nasi ayam or chicken rice I know. The overall taste was awful.

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I asked my colleague how’s his Nyonya Laksa (kueteow) tasted like?

He said “so-so”. With this price, he prefer Secret Recipe Curry Mee/Kueteow. I have to agree. If this is the type of chicken rice they’re serving, I might as well go to the Chicken Rice Shop or even at the cafeteria for a decent chicken rice for RM7 a plate.

It is quite shocking though, as this was not the only Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock. The first restaurant was in Ara Damansara, and I had read some raving reviews about the place. Probably they’ve changed cook, I don’t know but one thing I do hope that they would improve the taste of their food. I am okay if it’s only my chicken rice was way below my standards but if my colleague felt the same thing about his noodles, then the restaurant should do something about it.

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Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock

UG-1 Upper Ground Floor,

The Sphere,No 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South.
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